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Lockdowns and re-starts; the impact on executives

Al Ritchie on 3 September 2021 0 Comments

Like many on LinkedIn, I was asked to contribute on managing career uncertainty during the pandemic. After reading some of the posts and watching the video, I had a different question to ask and so this post.

I’ve worked mostly from home for many years, with frequent visits to international clients. With the first lockdown everything came to a halt, as it did for so many. Since then furlough has just about kept me above water and I decided that this was an opportunity to learn. I chose to take a post-grad course in Executive Coaching which I have just completed (and I’m consequently now looking for clients).

I fully understand that for many this period has caused anxiety, depression and burnout, hardship and difficulty separating work and personal life. There are also some who have started new businesses or grown existing businesses very successfully.

What I’m interested in in this post is how senior managers and executives – principally in the UK – have been impacted by the succession of lockdowns and what impact the recent removal of restrictions has had on them and their work.

This is not about stats, averages and newspaper numbers; it’s about individuals. I know how I felt and coped. How about you?