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The Long View Programme

Al Ritchie on 1 February 2022 0 Comments

The Long View Programme aims to help clients answer the question ‘where now?’ It is best used when someone is facing or considering a significant change of focus, direction or interest in the fairly near to medium future. Typical situations include:

  • Questioning their career path or feeling stuck in a rut and needing a major change.
  • Coming up to retirement age but desire to continue using their energies and insights to help.
  • Facing relocation to an area that does not work for them.
  • Weighing up a redundancy package

These all tend to be where the individual has time to look into options and reflect on ideas and outcomes.

The programme looks into three important areas:

  • What’s going on?
  • What are my options?
  • How do I go forward from here?

This programme generally runs over a six to nine month period and has an enhanced level of of Client-Coach interaction between sessions.

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