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Executive and Non-Executive Coaching in the New Normal

Al Ritchie on 20 November 2021 0 Comments

Hybrid working, sustainability, the new normal. We all know the stock phrase ‘change is the only constant’. It’s as true today as it’s always been, though the rate of change is perhaps greater than before.

We al know that for many organisations the last two years have been difficult and leaders are facing significant challenges to recover and thrive. These challenges will probably mean more change and yet more pressure on the organisation’s leaders, with whom the buck stops. So how best to support them?

One obvious answer is executive coaching. Coaching can be uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual leader, the organisation and the context. Coaching empowers and develops a leader, whereas just handing over an answer spoon-feeds and diminishes empowerment. Moreover, the coach does not need to have any idea of what the answer necessarily is. The coach’s skill lies in helping their client find their own answers.

In an environment where things are changing ever more quickly, coaching needs to adapt. For example, delivery of the programme needs to be timely. It’s also likely that innovation, resilience and adaptability will be high on the agenda for the client because coping with change requires these considerations.

In short, the right type of executive coach with the right skills, approach and abilities. Not surprisingly, this is how Executive Coaching Associates works – as do many others.

If you, as a leader, recognise coaching can help, perhaps also recognise the right type of coach can help more and choosing your coach with that in mind is possibly the most important step.