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In the face of constant change, be variable

Ann Baumgardt on 5 November 2021 0 Comments

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Heraclitus is quoted to have said that “The Only Constant in Life Is Change.” Everyone knows that quote, it is hard to argue with and after more than 2500 years you would have thought we would all be able to handle change.

Unfortunately, for many of us, change is not an exciting opportunity but a potential threat we try to avoid at all costs.

Many companies have a history of shedding their skin on a regular basis. Restructures, M&A activity, and a high management turnover are a few examples. All that can cause a covert (and sometimes overt) resistance amongst members of staff. Yet, resistance can increase the risk of falling victim to change – and that in turn convinces us “it will happen again next time”.

So how can we as individuals get on top of the constant change we are exposed to on a regular basis at work? We cannot always control external change, but we can adapt:

  • Keep on top of your existing skills
  • Seek out new skills to keep pace with the market – ideally while in your current role
  • Think about how you can be part of the change and how it may play to your strengths. You may have the chance to master at least part of your destiny
  • Keep an eye on what’s happening outside work – for learning, experience, networking, and other opportunities. Knowing you have options can make change less threatening

Whilst we cannot control external change, we can adapt, recalibrate and rethink how we can become the variable in the equation. If we choose to do that, we have options. If we have options, we feel more empowered to take charge of our career, especially when things heat up at work.